The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships

The ESTHER network was launched in 2002 by a public French agency focusing on HIV and AIDS. The group, “Ensemble pour une solidarité thérapeutique hospitalière en réseau” (Network for Therapeutic Solidarity in Hospitals), later became known as the ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships, or the ESTHER Alliance.

The ESTHER Alliance brings together governments and allied organizations. Members engage institutional health partnerships to strengthen the capacity of the health workforce and institutions to provide quality healthcare for people in low- and middle-income countries, contributing to reaching Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The partnerships generate knowledge, share best practice, collaborate, and promote change and innovation. ESTHER Switzerland is a signatory of the Brocher Declaration, which is a statement of ethical principles for guiding policy on short-term global health engagements.

Members of the network have their own websites and organise their own partnerships but share a searchable database and the EFFECt assessment tool.

Watch a video about the initiative here:

Switzerland is part of the ESTHER Alliance

Switzerland joined the ESTHER Alliance in 2011. The ESTHER Secretariat was first hosted by the Geneva University Hospitals and then, in 2015, by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) until moving at the beginning of 2016 to the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) at the University of Bern. The SDC provides technical and financial support at the Swiss as well as the European level. Switzerland is represented on the ESTHER Alliance Board through the SDC and the head of the programme. Switzerland is actively engaged in the implementation of the strategic framework.

Current members

Spain since April 2002
Germany since March 2004
Switzerland since November 2011
Ireland since February 2012
United Kingdom (THET) since October 2012 with observer status
A LMIC representative joined the Board of the Esther Alliance in 2014