Values and Principles

ESTHER’s activities are based on our core values and our dedication to achieving the greatest benefit for the parties involved

Long-term commitment
ESTHER partnerships go beyond the project level and have a long-term vision on health system strengthening and policy dialogue.

Equality, respect and accountability 
ESTHER Switzerland fosters respectful and inclusive collaboration between partners who work together on an equal basis with a shared vision and joint accountability.

Knowledge seeking and innovation
ESTHER Switzerland promotes mutual and bidirectional learning, striving toward innovation through research and implementation.

Quest for change and improvement
ESTHER partnerships seek to improve the quality of service delivery and healthcare and to communicate results regionally, nationally and internationally.

How we believe change can best be achieved

Traditionally, development projects have been implemented in unequal and asymmetric relationships between high-income and low-income countries. They were conditionality-driven, aid- dominated north–south relationships.

In contrast, ESTHER Switzerland sees that there is strength in diversity, and this presents great opportunities. The work of ESTHER Switzerland shows that healthcare actors from different backgrounds can learn and benefit from each other by working together at an equal level. ESTHER Switzerland brings different institutions together as partners with differing expertise and contrasting experiences. This creates opportunities for mutual learning through practical service delivery, evidence building through implementation research, and the embedding of results in policy and practice.