Improving HIV and STD care services for indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon


Salud Sin Limites Peru
Universidad Peruana

Health system impact

Health workforce: 123 health professionals were trained on HIV and STI detection, prevention and counseling following national guidelines. Training for health professionals in sexual and reproductive health and intercultural approaches was conducted.

Service delivery: The implementation of the National Guidelines for HIV prevention and treatment amongst indigenous people and training material for health workers were assessed to support them in implementing the existing norms for adolescent care. Workshops with adolescents were conducted to understand their perspectives on sexual and reproductive health: 561 adolescents participated in workshops on sexual and resproductive health and HIV/AIDS. A Fotonovela targeted at adolescents in Spanish and Ashaninka was developed and a study report on barriers to accessing reproductive and sexual health services for indigenous people produced.

The partnership held meetings with indigenous groups for them to understand different health and social programs they could benefit from. All these results led to the development of a health strategy for local authorities.

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