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Since 2016 it has been ESTHER Switzerland’s mission to invest in strengthening health systems. We do this through the promotion and support of long-term partnerships between health care institutions in Switzerland and in low- and middle-income countries.

Expanding basic health care and developing strong health systems has never been more important than now, as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Health Organization statement on 8th October 2020
“COVID-19 is eroding decades of progress made towards universal health coverage. We need to invest in stronger health systems now to ensure that everyone has access to health care without experiencing financial hardship.”

Helping others also helps Switzerland

ESTHER Switzerland supports health partnerships which are equal, reciprocal and mutually beneficial. Switzerland can also benefit from insights acquired in different contexts and health systems, and in protecting others, it is helping to protect itself.

Bill Gates in The Economist on 23rd April 2020
“This pandemic has shown us that viruses don’t obey border laws and that we are all connected biologically by a network of microscopic germs, whether we like it or not. If a novel virus appears in a poor country, we want its doctors to have the ability to spot it and contain it as soon as possible.”

Philanthropy can change the world

To help meet this increased need, we are expanding our activities. ESTHER Switzerland is now reaching out to donor partners interested in supporting institutional health partnerships throughout the world.

ESTHER Switzerland works with private individuals, foundations, public authorities and private companies.

Our principles

  • Long-term commitment: ESTHER partnerships take a long-term approach to health system strengthening and policy dialogue.
  • Equality, respect and accountability: ESTHER Switzerland fosters respectful and inclusive collaboration between partners who work together on an equal basis with a shared vision and joint accountability.
  • Knowledge seeking and innovation: ESTHER Switzerland promotes mutual and bidirectional learning, striving toward innovation through research and implementation.
  • Quest for change and improvement: ESTHER partnerships seek to improve the quality of service delivery and healthcare and to communicate results regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our commitment to you

  • Personal consultation to find a partnership that works towards the change you want to see
  • Regular external evaluation and transparent reporting
  • Efficient use of funds, with minimal administration and infrastructure costs
  • Outstanding Swiss expertise in leadership and management

For more information, please write to Dr. Dörte Petit or call Tel +41 43 684 33 35.