ESTHER Switzerland is proud of its role in facilitating and supporting institutional health partnerships

Since its inception ESTHER Switzerland has supported twelve Start Up initiatives and seventeen full partnerships. These have been in nineteen different countries with fourteen different Swiss institutions working in partnership with a total of 36 partners in low- and middle-income countries(LMIC).

The first phase of activities was focused on sexual and reproductive health and ran from 2016-19. During this time ESTHER Switzerland partnerships trained 475 health care workers in various aspects of sexual and reproductive health, and reached over 52,000 patients who received testing, diagnosis, treatment and counselling related to related to sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. The second phase of activities which runs until 2025 will focus more broadly on initiatives that support Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) and improved population health. Proposals will be selected which promote and support of long-term, equal, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial partnerships between health institutions in Switzerland and in low- and middle-income countries