Paving the way to a new networking model

The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships is transitioning at the end of 2021

The story behind the Alliance

The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships, of which ESTHER Switzerland is an active member has been facilitating health partnerships since 2004.  The journey began in response to the challenge of quality of care for AIDS patients in hospitals in Africa.  Over the years, it grew into an Alliance involving 12 European countries engaged with hundreds of twinning partnerships across low and middle-income countries.  Many partnerships have achieved success in improving health services and health outcomes, supported by the Alliance through funding, technical guidance and learning and networking opportunities.

Why is it time for a change?

The world has changed, and it is time for a new model of facilitating health partnerships.  The ESTHER Alliance is no longer tied to official development programmes, which opens up the opportunity for a broader alliance with non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders.  Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to rethink our North-South institutional partnership approach.  The global pandemic response has exposed stark inequities in health care and calls for a new paradigm for technical cooperation based on more equal ways of cooperating between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).  The partnership approach is more important than ever and we need to strengthen our global approach to facilitating and supporting institutional partnerships.

Let’s explore a new networking model together

In this context, the ESTHER Alliance board has decided to end the ESTHER Alliance by 31 December 2021.  This will pave the way in 2022 to explore a new networking model that is global and inclusive to all individuals and organisations interested and engaged in health partnerships.  We will not seek to be Europe based, but embrace a truly global approach with greater participation and leadership from LMICs.  Although the ESTHER Alliance operations will finish by the end of 2021, the Member countries of the Alliance remain committed to the partnership approach and will continue to facilitate partnerships and projects through the relevant organisations in their countries.

Stay and get in touch
If you would like to engage with the ESTHER Alliance in exploring a new partnership networking model, we invite you to contact the Alliance at: