Strengthening capacity to optimally care for vulnerable groups at risk for sexually transmitted infections in Kampala, Uganda


University of Zurich
Makerere University
College of Health Sciences

Health system impact

Health Workforce: 90 health workers trained in Continuous Medical Education on on STI management, project procedures and forms.

Service delivery: Over 2040 pregnant women were screened for syphilis during antenatal care and all 82 who tested positive were linked to care. 447 asymptomatic patients at high risk for acquisition of STIs or HIV were screened for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Of the 152 patients diagnosed with STI, 100% were treated, as well as 51 partners were treated.

Health information: STI screening has become part of the day to day practice, integrated within the clinic routine care. A datafax system for data collection purposes was developed. This system will be used for data collection purposes from this point forward.

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